Trinity College students, alumni, faculty and staff all know intuitively what we mean by Living Trinity. To “Live Trinity” is to experience what happens when a group of uniquely talented and passionate individuals live, learn and work together, creating friendships and bonds that last a lifetime. See how others are Living Trinity below and share your personal story of how Trinity College has impacted your life and what it means to you to “Live Trinity.”

“Trinity taught me the enduring value of a living-and-learning community. It was here that I first experienced the interdisciplinary connections that are possible with a diverse group of people. I have tried to take that value forward to build community in all areas of my life, and to find ways of using my privilege to help others.”

Christine “Xine” Yao ’07

“Trinity was the campus where I felt most comfortable and as though I could belong. I had the sense that there was a fit here for quirky people like me—and I was right! As an alum, Living Trinity means continuing to lean into my quirkiness in everyday life while staying involved with the College as a volunteer. This continued sense of connection to the diverse people and perspectives that make up the Trinity community has made a world of difference since graduating. I’m a monthly donor because I loved my undergrad at Trin, and it’s important to me to help others have that experience, too.”

Emily Hisey-Bowden ’13

“My hope for Living Trinity is that we build bridges along with the new walls, that we reach out and stretch for “the best of the best.” I’m looking forward to seeing it happen and to being a very small part of it all.”

Teresa Toten ’78; MA ’79, U of T

Jerome Chang

“One way I define ‘Living Trinity’ is being part of a living institution. We are a tight-knit community that, while rooted in history and traditions, is also changing and developing as it should. Our students are caring, energetic and involved, and it is my relationships with them, with my fellow staff and community members, that are my favourite part of my role.”

— Jerome Chang, Associate Registrar

“The brightest lights for me at Trinity are the students. Whether it’s working with the faithful crew at Wednesday Evensong, seeing the TCVS [Trinity College Volunteer Society] pull off another incredible monthly meal for homeless and marginally housed people downtown, or having a one-on-one conversation with an undergrad about their search for a calling, I am constantly reminded of the enormous passion and potential of our students.

What I like about the concept of ‘Living Trinity’ is that living organisms can change. There are a lot of people in the Trinity community who want to make the world–and the College–a better place, a place where students from diverse backgrounds can feel at home. We’re making incremental steps in this direction, and I think there’s a real unity of purpose in the senior administration to move us further toward a place of inclusion–I find that really encouraging.”

— The Rev'd Andrea Budgey '06 (MDiv), Humphrys Chaplin


Sebastian Warma

“Trinity College has given me a family within the University of Toronto community. As a member of this community I have been pushed to challenge myself and enhance my personal academic success. Without the Trinity community to support my endeavors I would not be the student and person I am today.”

— Sebastian Warma, ’21, H.B.Sc.

“What Living Trinity means to me is giving the experience of living in residence to as many Trinity students as possible. My life as an undergraduate was shaped by living for four years at St. Hilda’s–living with interesting/aggravating/compatible women. It was, for someone who never had a sister, a beginning of a sisterhood and a preparation for a second wave of feminism in the 70s.

I hope that as we learn to live with COVID-19, we can still offer students a wonderful, disturbing and unique experience of living with others. Nothing can replace living together while learning together.”

— The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson '60; MA '62

Adrienne Clarkson

Heather Gibson

“My years at Trinity gave me so much and I treasure those memories. I know that the Trinity experience is somewhat different for today’s students than it was for me. Chatting with a student at a Larkin Society luncheon added to my understanding of the enormous amount of pressure today’s students are under, and the toll that can take on their mental health. I am very grateful for my years at Trinity and I hope, by supporting the College, that I help future students have the same fulfilling experience.”

— Heather Gibson '73, Year Rep

“Trinity fundamentally changed my life. It gave me confidence I would not have developed, opportunities I would not have had, and opened doors that would have been shut. Although I didn’t live in residence, I still joined in some extra-curriculars, and met many terrific women at Trinity, with whom I share a lifetime bond. I also met my husband at the College and our daughter was fortunate enough to study here.

I believe strongly in giving back, in returning my thanks for the opportunity I was given as a member of the Trinity community, and the lasting connections I have to this place.”

— Carolyn Kearns ’72, Living Trinity Campaign Co-Chair

Carolyn Kearns

Michael Royce

“I met my wife at Trinity, our son went to Trinity, and many of my lifelong friends are from my Trinity days. The academic experience and intellectual environment at Trinity were, and remain, the best in Canada and the equal of any in the world.

This place has so much to offer outside the classroom as well, from clubs to sports to internships to student government, and those students who tap into all aspects of the Trinity experience will be better, broader people for it.

At the same time, if we are to continue to attract the very best students–many of whom can attract offers from any university in the world–we must ensure that we provide a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for each member of our community.”

— Michael Royce ’68, Living Trinity Campaign Co-Chair