From Your Campaign Co-Chairs

Carolyn Kearns and Michael Royce.There has never been a better time to be a member of the Trinity community. The Living Trinity campaign marks the beginning of the most exciting chapter in our history, one that will redefine the College for generations to come.

Being part of the Trinity community means always having opportunities to become involved, in ways that matter to you. For us, that means playing an active part, personally and financially, in helping to ensure that future generations have access to the same excellent education we had, in a place that will do everything possible to support them in realizing their full potential. We believe that the Living Trinity Campaign will have a lasting impact not only on future generations of Trinity students, but on every member of the Trinity community. We hope that you will be inspired by the projects and priorities the College has created, and by our encouraging progress so far.

Join Us!

— Carolyn Kearns ’72 and Michael Royce ’68

Living Trinity Campaign Cabinet

  • Carolyn Kearns, Co-Chair
  • Michael Royce, Co-Chair
  • Jill Carmichael Adolphe
  • James Appleyard
  • Jake Brockman
  • David Bronskill
  • Jennifer Hood
  • The Rev. Ian LaFleur
  • Peter McLaughlin
  • Virginia McLaughlin
  • Hilary Pearson
  • Susan Scace
  • Warren Stoddart

Board of Trustees

  • Jill Carmichael Adolphe
  • Shashwat Aggarwal*
  • Mostafa Asadi
  • Yohan Dumpala
  • Eleanor Fish
  • Jean Fraser
  • Sharon Geraghty
  • Chancellor William Graham
  • Marsha Hewitt
  • Stanley Ho
  • Jennifer Hood
  • Melinda Jacobs
  • Elliot Johnson
  • Cindy Lui
  • Angie Luo*
  • Allison MacDonald
  • Andrew McFarlane
  • Provost Mayo Moran
  • Gerry Noble
  • Jesse Parker
  • Charles Pick
  • Louis Pauly
  • Maureen Simpson
  • Heather Stewart
  • Cheryl Suzack
  • Ramata Tarawally
  • Brenda Webster Tweel


*temporary member