This spring, Shannon Garden-Smith ’12 was elected chair of the Alumni Association of Trinity College, and Matthew Kieswetter ’16 (MDiv) was elected chair of the Faculty of Divinity Alumni Association. Here’s a brief introduction to your alumni leaders. If you have ideas to share or want to get more involved, reach out at

From Shannon: Hello fellow Trinity alumni! I’m thrilled and humbled to be taking on the role of President, Alumni Association Executive, representing and advocating for our vibrant community to enrich the lives of Trin students past and present. I received my BA from Trinity College in 2012, and my MFA in Studio Art from the University of Guelph in 2017. I live and work in Tkaronto/Toronto: I’m an artist working primarily in sculpture and installation, and I have recently exhibited in Toronto, Calgary and Berlin. I also work as Research Coordinator at the Asian Institute at the University of Toronto.

From Matthew: Greetings to the Trinity alumni community! I’m an Anglican priest, currently serving in Kitchener-Waterloo, which, coincidentally, is where I am originally from. I completed my MDiv at Trinity in 2016, and before that I managed a store that bought and sold music and movies; certainly different than what I’m up to right now, but nonetheless in line with my ongoing interest in the arts and in pop culture. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Waterloo, in Religious Studies, where my engagement with its various church-affiliated colleges gave me a taste of the blessings that I would eventually encounter at Trinity and the Toronto School of Theology.